What You Can Do to Prevent a Payment Card Data Breach

Is data security low on your list of priorities for your business? It shouldn’t be. A breach of payment card information is a serious situation that can not only cost your business tens of thousands of dollars, it can also impact your business in variety of ways that can be difficult to recover from.

The fact is your business is at risk. According to Trustwave research, 90% of data breaches impact small merchants. A 2012 Trustwave security report indicates that Retail (45%), Food and Beverage (24%), and Hospitality (9%) are the top three compromised industries.*
Unfortunately, small merchants are key targets to thieves who see such businesses as unprotected and easier to breach. Even though the volume of electronic payment data that passes through small merchants’ POS systems is relatively small, it is the easier path for a cyber-thief who can quickly break through if the data is poorly protected.

Find out how to protect your business from data thieves. Read First Data’s new Market Insight to learn about the numerous ways a payment card data breach can affect your business what steps you can right now to be prepared.

*Trustwave SpiderLabs, “Trustwave Global Security Report 2012”

You can read more HERE.

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